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About Us

Past, Present and Future

I have worked as a Cabinet Maker and Furniture Restorer for over 30 years. I am bench trained and have worked with or for established restorers of repute in the Shropshire area and elsewhere. I have now been running my own business for over 20 years, working with the trade, private collectors and the general public.
Antique cases are restored and conserved sympathetically, where experience and knowledge are combined to achieve a high standard of workmanship. New cases of all types are also made to order. One-off commissions and small batches are undertaken. Emphasis is on high quality workmanship, traditional materials and methods of construction. I can also design cases to the clients own requirements.


I have been interested in wood since I was a small boy. I can remember visiting my Great Uncle's workshop in London and playing with the pine shavings, the smell has always remained with me. I left school at 17 to begin a 6 month trial period with a local Cabinet Maker in Horndean, Hampshire. After successfully finishing this period I was offered a chance to do a 4 year indentured apprenticeship which I eagerly undertook. During my apprenticeship I made various pieces of furniture as part of my City & Guilds qualifications. During my training it became obvious to me that I wanted to own my own business where I could myself have apprentices and pass on my knowledge. My training brought me to Shrewsbury and once I had qualified I returned and made many friends. I met a local Cabinet Maker who wished to expand his business and offered me a postition within his firm. I was with this firm for 6 years, eventually becoming the foreman. I left to set up my own business.

My Business

My business began in my garage gradually growing from strength to strength. At first I worked as a subcontractor to local businesses, now I work all over the UK and abroad. I do very little advertising; most of my work comes via word of mouth. At the moment I only attend the Birmingham Clock Fair which is proving to be very successful, in two ways: firstly, it allows people to put a name to a face and secondly allows people to see the quality of my workmanship.

The Future

I am continuously excited by the new and various projects I am asked to do both in the making and restoration sides of my business, from a simple box to looking after a collection of clocks or furtniture. I hope in the future to develop different aspects of the business potentially to incorporate an antiques outlet from my premises. We also see the potential for expanding on the web to promote our business.


The Workshops, Anvil House, Dudleston Heath, Nr Ellesmere, Shropshire SY12 9LJ
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